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Who We Are:

Time for your next level. Put in the work today to secure a better future tomorrow.

Scholar Ready prepares your student by helping them ace entry exam tests like the ACT and SAT and college credit classes so they can start college one step ahead. Education is the foundation of success; to this end, we work tirelessly for our students to give them the best help possible.

No two students are the same, even among siblings, and because of this, we develop a custom program for every student. We examine your student’s literacy level and adjust our learning program to make sure they don’t feel lost or left behind.

We are about more than just test-taking; we also help with college admission and scholarship essays to help your student not just get to college but also find the funds that will help them attend without taking on thousands of dollars in student loan debt. We do our best to help keep our students free of student loan debt so they can focus on their studies and get the most out of their higher education.


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Why We Do It?

We believe that education and literacy are the foundations of a successful life.

With the help of Scholar Ready, your student will not only be ready for college but their high grades and outstanding writing skills will help them get the scholarships they need to get through college without becoming another statistic of student loans. Our goal is to get our students through college without needing to take any student loans.

We strive to instill our students with confidence that is earned and true. We teach them how to learn, how to advocate for what they need in the classroom, how to study, and how to set goals and expectations. We do not allow our students to be limited by experiences of the world they currently inhabit. We want them to have the confidence and work ethic to reach a better life and achieve any goal they set for themselves.

Our Beginnings

When founder Jennifer Ledwith graduated from college with no student loan debt, she realized the massive amount of college student debt that her friends and classmates took on to get an education. She created Scholar Ready in 2004 to help future students avoid taking on unnecessary student debt. Originally she focused on helping with scholarship essay writing; however, realizing that scholarships are a function of several factors - PSAT scores, ACT scores, SAT scores, GPA, and essays - she expanded Scholar Ready’s services to include math tutoring and test preparation. Jennifer believes that education and literacy skills are the foundation of a successful life and strives to instill those beliefs in her students.

Jennifer Ledwith, Scholar Ready
Jennifer Ledwith

About the Founder - Jennifer Ledwith

Jennifer Ledwith is a Houston native raised by a single mother with high debts and no child support. She was told several times that her mother made too much money for her to get any financial aid. Jennifer also didn't finish in the top 10% of her high school class nor did she have the highest SAT scores out of her classmates. However, when she walked across the stage at graduation, she had received so many scholarships that the announcer was still reading them after she was done crossing the stage. She went on to graduate from college with $1,000 in student loans. (Hey...a girl needs plane tickets.)

Jennifer understood from a young age that education and literacy were crucial to success. To this end, she designed Scholar Ready to give students the help they need to succeed in school and achieve a better life.