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Everyone knows the SATs and ACTs are crucial to your student’s acceptance into a good college, but these exams are not all that is taken into consideration. AP exams and dual credit classes can also give your student a head start in their college journey. We know that all of this can seem overwhelming. That is why we are here — to help you and your student navigate your way to and through college.

We have developed programs to help students from all walks of life to achieve their academic goals. We tailor our programs to each student to take advantage of their existing skills and help them sharpen any skills that need help. We do not believe in simply teaching a test. We push our students to learn how to understand the content, absorb it, and then use it in their daily lives. We achieve this by focusing on the student’s literacy skills and learning how to think critically.

At Scholar Ready, we believe that literacy is fundamental to a successful life, so we work hard to instill this into our students.

ACT Tutoring

The ACT is one of the two college entrance exams every student has come to dread. Educators emphasize this exam to the point of making students nervous at the mere thought of the test. We understand how difficult it can be for your student to get ready for this test. With our tutoring program, all those worries can be put aside. We adjust the program to your student’s level and gradually get them to a level where they will improve their test scores.

We do not teach your student how to read the test, but rather, how to read it strategically. They can then use these strategies to read the questions more in-depth and find the correct answer as the answer is often found in the question. Alternatively, they will learn to skip the question and come back to it later so that they can look at the questions with a less cluttered brain. Often we find that our students have the most trouble with math. It can be scary to some students, especially those who thrive mostly in the written word. Instead of a totally different subject, we tackle math as another language, and like any language, it has strict rules for syntax. Think of solving equations like putting together complete sentences. Literacy is the key to acing the ACT and as such, we work side-by-side with you and your student to increase his or her literacy level.

The biggest difference between the ACT and the SAT is that the former includes a dedicated science section. We look at science from a literacy perspective and teach our students how to read it properly.


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SAT & PSAT Tutoring

Often we hear that whether a student should take the SAT or ACT is based on what they want to study in college. Every time we encounter this assumption, our answer is to take both as having scores for both gives you peace of mind should you be accused of cheating in either test.

Additionally, students should take the PSAT as well as the SAT. While the PSAT scores will not reflect on the actual SAT test, the experience you get from taking it is indispensable for both the SAT and ACT as it will give you an idea as to which parts of the test you need more help with. The PSAT will be your first experience in the testing world, but just because the scores do not go to your college of choice doesn’t mean you shouldn't prepare for it. On the contrary, going in prepared will prepare the student even more for taking the other two tests.

We focus more heavily on reading and writing although the SAT is more reading-intensive than the ACT. We will go over all the content together, focusing on not just reading it but understanding it. Literacy is the most important skill one will develop in life, so students must learn how to read and comprehend what they are reading. By developing their reading skills, your student will be able to retain more information and perform better on the tests.

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Individual Online Tutoring

If you have a webcam and high-speed internet, we can meet from the comfort of your home. We can help your students with the Math and English classes they are having trouble with. Through a combination of reading exercises and techniques, we will help your students noticeably improve their Math and English knowledge and understanding.

We have worked with students from all walks of life and have learned how to deliver each student the best help possible. Although we only meet with your student twice a week, rest assured that we keep an eye on their progress and adjust the program as we go.

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College Prep for Real Students

This program goes beyond just ACT and SAT test prep. We also cover AP testing and practice college admission and scholarship essays. With our guidance, we can make sure your student writes the best admission essay possible, thus increasing their chances for admission into the college of their choice. We also help students write scholarship essays so they can get all the help available to pay for college.

Although good grades and great ACT/SAT scores go a long way to get into a college, paying for it can be a daunting task for both parents and students. To this end, our scholarship essay writing class focuses on teaching your student exactly what those scholarships are looking for in a selected student. It is our goal to get your student through college without taking on thousands of dollars in student loan debt.

Whether they are starting high school or ready to leave for college, we have a program that is perfect for your student. Class sizes are limited. Sign up today! Money is available for college. Why shouldn't your student get it?