What We Offer

Scholar Ready offers the keys to a better future for your student. Our mission has two parts: to help your student get through high school with the best possible grades, and to help your student prepare for college both intellectually and financially. We do this by instilling a love for learning in them. This way, studying for tests and classes stops being a chore and becomes something they actually enjoy doing. A well-rounded education is the key to success; however, good grades and high exam scores are not always enough.

A College Education, Debt Free

Higher education is not always easy to afford; which, can mean the difference between a promising student attending college or stopping their education after high school. We help our students avoid huge amounts of student loan debt by tutoring them for AP classes, Dual Credit, and PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests. We also help your student write scholarship essays in order to get them through college without the weight of student loan debt on their shoulders. We want your student to be free from student debt so they can focus on their studies and not the debt looming over them.

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Debt-free College is possible

Individual & Small Group Online Tutoring

We meet with your student online to get straight to the point and focus on your student’s education. All you need is a computer, a webcam, and a high-speed internet connection. We sit with your student and develop a learning program made just for him or her based on his or her current skills. Although we only meet a couple of times a week, rest assured that we will keep track of your student’s progress and adjust the program accordingly.

We make sure to not just help your student read and remember something for a test, we teach them how to absorb and learn what they read so that they can use it in school and their daily lives. Your student will learn how to read tests strategically which will make it easier for them to land on the correct answer. We believe literacy is the way of the future, and as such, we work to instill this belief into every one of our students.

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Summer Programs

We offer ACT and SAT preparation courses during the summer for those who want to take the test during this season.

We know that sometimes students might lose the progress they have made through the school year during the summer. To combat this we now also offer a new literacy-centric summer program aimed at students from 8th to 10th grade. Students in this program not only develop reading comprehension skills but also write and present their own original compositions at the end of the program. This is a great way to keep your student engaged during the summer and further develop his or her literacy skills. The greater your student’s literacy level, the easier it will be for them to learn. We work closely with you and your student to ensure the best result possible for them.

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Speaking Engagements

Jennifer is available to speak in front of Administrators, Counselors, Teachers, Parents, or Students. Topics include Literacy, ACT and SAT prep, college financial aid, financial planning for college, personal essay writing, and any other topic related to helping students create a better future for themselves. She tailors her speeches to the audience and the topic at hand. This allows her to give an engaging presentation that emphasizes the need for preparation and the importance of education, as well as providing answers to any questions.

During speaking engagements she likes to get to know the audience and answer as many questions as she possibly can. Teachers, coaches, parents - they all worry about their students and have questions about how to help them get through high school and into college. Jennifer takes pride in knowing that her job is to inspire, not just to answer these questions for them, but also to guide them towards any resources that might be helpful to them.

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