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Whether your student is starting high school or is a college-bound senior, Scholar Ready is here to help them excel and achieve their educational goals.

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Welcome to Scholar Ready: Where Literacy & Guidance Help Your Child Get to their Next Level

Welcome to Scholar Ready. At our core, we are an online tutoring service that focuses on delivering higher grades and test scores, as well as college prep through a study program that emphasizes literacy above everything. However, we are more than just about improving grades and test scores; we believe in what we do. We firmly believe that education is the most important factor to a person’s success. It is that credence that drives us to do what’s best for our students. No two students are the same. As a result, we tailor our programs to each of our students, to help them to better utilize the skills they are already comfortable with and sharpen those that need a little help.

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My daughter is so excited about starting college. She won 5 scholarships, including the Smart Financial award. Jennifer, I highly recommend you to anyone who needs help writing those essays. You are more than welcome to use me as a reference.

Gwen Taylor, Parent

We Go Beyond Test Prep

We aren't here just to get your students to read the content. We teach them how to absorb it so they don’t just remember the information for a test, but will actually learn it and apply it to their daily lives. We go one step further and involve their parents in this program as well. Studies have shown that students who see their parents read develop higher literacy skills. To this end, we involve the entire family in the learning process. Reading together as a family shows your students that you are taking their education seriously. It also emphasizes the importance of reading for everyone.

Literacy is the key to the future and our goal is to instill a love for it in every student. We strive to teach our students the critical thinking skills they will need to make the right choices, not just in the classroom but in their lives.

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Who Are Our Students?

We work with students from as early as the 8th grade to seniors getting ready for college. While we tutor for all courses, we have specialized courses in math and reading programs for grades 8 - 12, as well as ACT, PSAT, and SAT preparation. Each student comes to us for different reasons, and as such, we have learned to adapt and meet every challenge our students face head-on. Whether your student has trouble retaining information or understanding the subject, we have seen it before and know how to help. Our tutoring programs are customized to each student based on his or her skills and needs.

Whether your student needs help with a specific subject area or preparing for the ACT and SAT, we can help. We believe education and literacy are the roads to a better life, and this belief is the force that drives us to do the best we can for each of our students.

Scholar Ready teaches students from all walks of life and various backgrounds