Don’t let the A’s and B’s fool you — educators are passing, promoting, and graduating students who lack the literacy and numeracy for college-level coursework. [Complete the Scholar ReadyNESS Checkup and set an appointment with me to discuss your student’s debt-free path to college.]
Don’t wait until your student is among the increased number of college students taking remedial courses. Don’t wait until they are struggling and failing — on your dime! — as the students portrayed in a recent New York Times article, “The Pandemic Generation Goes to College. It Has Not Been Easy.” Don’t wait until your student’s SAT or ACT scores deny him or her scholarships.

Scholarship Programs Tied To SAT And ACT Scores

My most recent class of PSAT and SAT students shared the names of their prospective colleges and universities with me. A number of those schools have scholarship programs that consider SAT & ACT scores when selecting scholarship recipients.

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